Healing Path Reiki & Wellness

Reiki Treatment Service & Fee Guide

Initial Reiki treatment & assessment, 1.5 hrs - $111.00

Subsequent Reiki treatments, 1 hr - $85.00 

Reiki Blast (for an intense kick off to your healing experience), 4 days in a row (after initial assessment session), 1 hr - $70.00, 

applies to in person or distance 

12 Month Reiki treatment discount package, 1 hr/month - $840.00 (works out to $70.00/month), applies to in person or distance Reiki

Childrens** Reiki treatment, half hour - $55.00

Attending at birth Reiki treatment, up to 2 hrs - $138.00, additional time $30.00/ half hour or portion thereof, plus applicable travel fees*

Easement for end of life Reiki treatment, up to 2 hrs - $138.00, additional time $30.00/ half hour or portion thereof, plus applicable travel fees*

Initial Distance Reiki treatment & assessment, 1.5 hrs - $111.00

Distance Reiki treatment, 1 hr - $85.00

Animal Reiki treatment, half hour - $55.00, plus applicable travel fees*, offered at animals home/veterinarian clinic/shelter/or distance only

Family/Group medical or spiritual event Reiki treatment, customized to specific needs

Corporate & employee well-being Reiki treatment packages, customized to specific needs

Initial Reiki treatments include a detailed email including session notes, self care ideas and treatment plan within 24 hours of session.

*Travel fees, per 15 minutes or portion thereof - $10.00

**Childrens treatments, under 18 must be signed off by parent/legal guardian, under 16 must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian

Extended health insurance form is given as your receipt for Reiki.

Direct billing is not available at this time.

Please submit receipts to your insurance company whether they currently cover Reiki or not, and note that some companies cover Reiki Energy Healing under Alternative or Holistic healing modalities.

Additional Services & Fee Guide

Numerology Report with an Intuitive Angelic add on, an ancient method, based on Pythagoras Numerology, used to receive a deeper understanding of ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses in all parts of our lives. A guide to understanding how to live our lives with happiness, clarity and purpose.

This is presented in a type written, emailed report which is specific only to you, based on your birth name and birth date. It includes tips and suggestions on how to improve your health and well-being, provided by the findings, and also includes two half hour phone consultations for further guidance and strategies. 

This makes a beautiful gift for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their lives. 

Please book in advance as reports will not be completed until approximately 7 - 14 days after booking has been made. 


Chakra Energy Healing Program, a one on one healing program for the energy centers of your body. It will heal and balance your seven main chakras after, illness, accident, trauma or even just the stress of everyday life. With your chakras healthy and balanced your body, mind and spirit will be able to function at the highest levels.  This program includes 3 intuitive assessments, reiki and chakra healings, as well as the training required for you to do the self care of your chakras. The total program consists of a combination of 9 hours treatment, meditation and discussion time, customized to your schedule, plus a personalized chakra home care tool kit, built especially for your individual needs, along with a course workbook. 

The program takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete.


Level I & II Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki training,

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master class,

coming soon...

All fees subject to 5 % g.s.t. (g.s.t.#815613989)

Payment can be made either via etransfer to [email protected], PayPal at PayPal.me/DeannaDalziel, or by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover credit cards and Visa debit cards via Square Online. 

Proud member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Licensed​. Insured. Bonded.