Healing Path Reiki & Wellness

Reiki Energy Healing

Is a holistic and gentle treatment for your mind, body and soul. A centuries old alternative healing method that can release you from pain and stress while giving you the clarity to live your best life.

Reiki Energy Healing may be beneficial for you if you are looking for a holistic healing therapy to compliment your western medicine treatments and therapies or just a natural health approach for your overall well-being and self care.

Benefits of Reiki are;

- pain relief

- improved sleep

- emotional balance

- improved spiritual health

- clarity & direction 

- relaxation

- reduced stress & anxiety 

- improved motivation & energy

- mindfulness

- healing of past trauma

- self awareness

- end of life easement

- relief from depression

- improved self esteem & confidence

- release of negative energy

- addictions support

- and more

Service location options are;

- in my safe and relaxing in-home practice in Langdon, Alberta

- distantly, in the comfort of your own home via several options of online modalities

- I travel to you for hospice, hospital, group gatherings etc.

Please see additional, alternative services, programs and teachings in the services & fees page. 

Services & Fees

Proud member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Licensed​. Insured. Bonded.

About Your Wellness Practitioner

Reiki therapist serving Calgary, Carsland, Chestermere, Langdon and Strathmore.

Deanna Dalziel, CRA-RP

Usui Reiki Master Holy Fire III

I began my Reiki journey in 2018 after experiencing a Reiki treatment for the first time. Within a few days of the treatment I knew that this was something that I wanted in my life. I wanted to feel that amazing rush of joy and peace that very unexpectedly washed over me as I was driving down the street one day. My Reiki therapist had said that the Reiki energy would be working through my system for several days and to expect some unusual releases. The feeling of contentment and peace that lingered after that rush helped to make the chronic pain I suffered from seem so much less important and noticeable. That sparked in me an overwhelming need to learn this wonderful healing modality so that I could use it to help myself and others.

Later that same year, I took my Level I Usui Reiki training under Reiki Master Jill Burdiga in Calgary. However, soon after that training, I was involved in an accident that put my life on hold for several months. It was a difficult thing to deal with, but it did give me even more understanding and compassion for those who need and deserve healing. For those of us who are either under the well meaning care of western medicine doctors that just cannot discover our core problem in order to heal us, or under the care of those who do not have the compassion and empathy to, at the very least, ease our symptoms and stresses in a more profound way than many of us currently experience. 

After having recovered enough to get out and about, I studied Level II Usui Reiki, Holy Fire III under Reiki Master Carla Hogan in Chestermere in 2019, and then completed my Usui Reiki Master Holy Fire III in 2020. 

I am now proud to say that as of January 2020 I have my own in-home practice, 20 minutes east of Calgary, in Langdon, Alberta, where I am offering a variety of alternative therapies and teachings. I am also blessed to be able to offer volunteer reiki healing treatments at a community health center in Calgary. Healing Path Reiki & Wellness is my passion and my purpose and it shows in the care that is given to each and every client. I am humbled and filled with gratitude that my empathic and intuitive gifts allow me to offer profound healing experiences that have been, in some instances, called life changing.

I support each and every clients journey through frequent sessions, discussions, and guidance.

I continue to study additional alternative, holistic, and spiritual healing modalities and look forward to offering you even more to support your health and well-being. 


Proud member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Licensed. Insured. Bonded.